The residence La Floresta is located in a 16th century palace that has been fully refurbished and equipped for the student’s life:


La Floresta Residence has a cafeteria at the reception where you can prepare a tea, heat something in the microwave or consume a coffee or soft drink with a snack


La Floresta student residence has a restaurant, available to our residents and the general public, where varied and appetizing lunch and dinner menus are prepared daily by our professional chefs.

Column Courtyard

La Floresta Residence has an original patio with several columns in the central area of the building that has been maintained just as it was originally in the Palace, where residents can have some drinks from the cafeteria, study or enjoy their free time.

Dining room

The Residence has a dining room where breakfast is served, from Monday to Saturday at the established hours. In addition, this dining room is available to residents 24 hours a day (except during cleaning hours) and there are a filtered drinking fountain, plates, glasses and cutlery, as well as small electrical appliances such as microwaves, kettles, toasters, etc., available for use.

Study Room

La Floresta student residence has a study and coworking room available 24 hours a day. This room is equipped with large work tables, comfortable chairs and both WIFI and cable Internet connection.

Projection room/ TV

The Residence has a large living room designed to enjoy leisure time with other colleagues. This room has a sofa and a wonderful audiovisual equipment consisting of a projector that creates a great image, as if it were a cinema with an amazing sound system. We have a large number of channels available so that residents can enjoy a wide variety of options (films, series, sports, nature, etc.) Students can also use this equipment to make or practice their own presentations.

Leisure and relax areas

La Floresta residence also has several leisure areas with tables and couches, where the residents can read, study or meet in groups to work, chat or enjoy leisure time with their colleagues.

Chill out terrace

In the attic of the Residence there is a wide and cozy chill out terrace where you can enjoy the good weather and wonderful views of the city.


There is a self-service laundry room at La Floresta with washing machines and dryers (that work with coins or credit card), irons and ironing boards, and clothes lines permanently available to residents so that they can do their laundry whenever it suits them best.


There are several board games and others at the Residence so that our residents can enjoy together during their leisure time.

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