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La Floresta residence is currently fully booked for next course 2024/25. To join the waiting list or make a booking at our other residence The Factory Residence Hall contact us on

Booking conditions

Most of our rooms are for full course stays (from August 25th to May 31st) although some of them could be booked for semester stays (always for full months).

It is important to keep in mind that by applying and accepting a place in our Residence you are committed to remain in the Residence for the entire period booked at the contract. The abandonment of the residence either voluntary or due to expulsion will not exonerate you from the commitment to pay for the whole contracted period as well as the loss of the deposit paid.

During Christmas and Eastern breaks the Residence will remain closed and the students will have to leave the Residence. However, they can leave all their personal belongings in the room. The specific dates will be set each year according to the academic calendar and the calendar of the Residence will be given to the students at their arrival in September.

Visiting the residence

In case you are interested in coming to visit the Residence please contact us always in advance to make an appointment so we can show you the residence properly

Formalizing the booking

The booking period of each course opens in January of the same year. Reserve your room as soon as possible because demand always exceed the available places and the rooms are allocated by booking order.

To make a booking at La Floresta Residence Hall you would need:
1. To contact us to check the types of rooms available
2. To give us your personal information, both the resident and his/her parent/legal representative
3. To send us the signed booking contract that we will send you once you have provided us with all the necessary information
4. To send us the bank receipt of the deposit corresponding a monthly payment (see the information detailed below about payment methods).

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Select the room type here to make your booking


The payments to be made during your stay at La Floresta Residence are the following:


The first payment of the deposit must be made when making the booking. This payment will be kept as a deposit during the entire stay and will be refunded at the end of the stay if you have met the conditions of the booking contract and if there are no pending payments, nor any damages in the room. This payment could be made in cash or card in person at our reception or by bank transfer. If you cancel your booking before May 31st, the deposit paid will be refunded discounting 200€ for administration fees; from that date the deposit paid will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

Booking confirmation

Once your reservation has been made during August you will have to confirm the reservation in the Residence Hall by paying the first monthly fee corresponding to September plus the last week of August. This payment can be made in cash or by card in person at our reception or by bank transfer.

Monthly payments

For the rest of the monthly payments we offer flexible payment options. You can pay for the entire course in a single payment at the beginning of the course or making payments quarterly, bimonthly or monthly. These payments can be made in cash, by credit card, bank transfer or by direct debit from a Spanish bank. The payment of the monthly fees must be made during the first 5 days of each month or period.

Select the room type here to make your booking


You can also check our Residence The Factory Residence Hall, a cheaper option but with all the necessary services and facilities to make th emost of your university stage in a large community.

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